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Cell Counting Accuracy and Low Variability
With a growing emphasis on both inter- and intra-lab reproducibility in biomedical research, the seemingly simple act of obtaining accurate cells counts is now more important than ever. In addition to negatively affecting reproducibility, inaccurate cell counts have downstream consequences for determining the potency and/or efficacy of cell therapy treatments, disease diagnoses, rate of growth for regenerated tissues, and various bioassays [1]. Traditionally, the gold standard for ascertaining viable cell numbers has involved placing cells stained with a vital dye such as trypan blue in a hemocytometer and manually counting them under a microscope [2-5]. Manually counting cells has a low cost per count and provides versatility [2], but the procedure is time consuming and labour intensive. Additionally, the results obtained from manual counts may suffer from cross-contamination through the reusable hemocytometer and significant variations may arise from different hemocytometer volumes, pipetting inconsistencies and inter-user variation [2,3,5]. Recent advances in automated cell counting systems such as the LUNA-IITM from Logos Biosciences make it possible to obtain more consistent, accurate and reproducible results at a reasonable cost per count [2-4].

NEW Autofocusing Technology


  • Enables more accurate, optimized counting and eliminates moving parts significantly reducing servicing costs
  • ACCURATE De-clustering
  • Exceptional accuracy in cell de-clustering to successfully and accurately count clumpy cells
  • REUSABLE counting slide
  • Designed for cost-efficient, fast and convenient counting without the subjectivity of manual counting.
  • INTUITIVE Software
  • Easy to use software enabling fast counting, saving, printing, reviewing and re-analysis of your counts.

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The Accuracy and Low Variability of the LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter



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