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With two heated sterilisation cycles, contamination finds the In-VitroCell CO2 Incubator ....

Too hot to handle!

too hotThe In-VitroCell ES CO2 Incubator provides a reliable controlled environment for optimum cell culture growth, and is packed full of features to control contamination.

  • Constant Contamination Control
  • Dual Sterilisation Cycles
  • Temperature Uniformity and more Usable Space
  • Sensitivity and Accuracy of Gas Control
  • Advanced Construction 

Cell culture contamination can adversely affect the quality of research, and once present can be very difficult to control. The CO2 incubator is considered a major source of biological contamination, so should be decontaminated, especially after one line of research is complete and before new research is started, or when work done in the incubator could be potentially harmful.

Heating the inner chamber of an incubator to elevated temperatures, is a common method to fight contamination. This technology has been directly borrowed from Autoclaves/Sterilisers and has been adapted for use in CO2 incubators. It has proven to be effective in many studies for eliminating almost all forms of microbes from all internal surfaces and components in a CO2 incubator.

Moist heat (steam heat) as low as 90oC and dry heat at or above 140oC  have been independently proven to kill almost any microorganism on the incubator’s inner chamber surfaces, although there is still on-going debate about which type of heat, moist or dry is better for killing specific types of microbes.

Nuaire’s In-VitroCell ES CO2 incubator uses dual heat decontamination cycles:

  1. 95°C Wet (Humidified Cycle)
  2. 145°C Dry Cycle 

145°C Dry Heat Cycle

The entire duration of the 145oC cycle of an In-VitroCell incubator averages 10 hours.  This includes warm-up, sterilisation period, and cool-down.  The actual duration of the sterilisation period is 3 hours.

dry 145

95°C Humidified Cycle

Total duration of the 95oC humidified cycle of an In-VitroCell incubator averages 14 hours.  This includes warm-up, sterilisation period, and cool-down.  Humidity is attained by filling the water pan with 220ml of distilled water.


The dual heat decontamination cycle comes standard on the NuAire In-VitroCell incubator. This gives choice to the user as to which cycle to run at any given time.  Both Cycles are short enough to be run over night meaning no downtime is caused, and not having to remove and re-install components minimises reintroduction of contaminants by eliminating unnecessary door openings.



145°C Heated Decontamination Cycle Validation Information

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