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Consistent Performance

Air flow over a plane’s wings keeps it in the air. The wing design and engine are critical for keeping it flying. 

In a Biological Safety Cabinet air flow and motor design are critical for personnel, product, and environmental protection. NuAire’s new LabGard ES offers the very best in consistent performance.

  • User-friendly Controls with rich functionality
  • Ultra high energy efficient motor that extends filter life
  • True Laminar Airflow
  • Ergonomic Design relieves stress
  • Long lasting and safe construction

Key Considerations When Purchasing Your Biological Safety Cabinet

The purchase of a biological safety cabinet should be made with much consideration. These cabinets serve as the Primary Engineering Control as the first line of defense in providing personnel, environmental and/or product protection against biohazards and potentially harmful agents in a range of laboratory, research, clinical and industrial settings. To ensure that a laboratory is functioning properly at a high safety level, providing a high-level biological safety cabinet that helps facilitate an optimum working environment -- requires doing some investigation. A clear understanding of the important role these cabinets play in research and clinical environments will help ensure your laboratory is prepared to make sound, fact-based decisions regarding the biological safety cabinets that will best meet current and anticipated needs.