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Considering replacement of sentinel animals?

The Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes states that:

1.18 Methods that replace or partially replace the use of animals must be investigated, considered and, where applicable, implemented.

A partnership between Allentown, Inc. and Charles River Laboratories - two of Laboratory Animal Science's most trusted and respected companies - has led to the next generation of rodent colony health monitoring, making traditional sentinel animal monitoring programs all but obsolete. SentinelTM is an evolutionary, new colony protection solution that advances the standard in health monitoring by combining an innovative, exhaust air dust plenum capture method with PCR analysis.

  • Reduces the number of animals needed per study
  • Reduces the operating costs and time during cage change outs
  • Reduces cross contamination risks
  • Maximises cage usage
  • More accurate test results
  • Improved micro environmental conditions


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