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Benefits of Multiplexing  

Multiplexing allows multiple biological target analytes to be simultaneously examined and quantified in a single sample. It’s a technique widely used by scientific researchers of all disciplines and provides many benefits including:

  • Maximising Limited Sample
  • Minimising Experimental Variability
  • Optimising Productivity
  • Economical


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Challenges of Mutiplexing – Why Choose R&D Systems® Luminex® Multiplex Immunoassays?

While multiplexing is more cost-effective than running a series of single-analyte immunoassays, it introduces several technical challenges that make assay design more complicated. For example, individual ELISA assays could be optimised such that every component, from buffer to antibody pairs and more, could be custom-tailored for that specific analyte. However, multiplex assays don’t have this luxury due to incorporation of several analytes, various antibodies etc. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to extensively design and test the various assay components to ensure analytes play well together and produce accurate, meaningful results. Inadequate assay design and testing could result in several aberrations such as displaying false positives, false negatives, or under-reporting values due to interference.

R&D Systems has over 30 years of experience developing and optimising immunoassays to control for these factors. We conduct the most rigorous quality control and as a result our assays outperform competitors’ assays in a number of dimensions, including natural sample linearity, lot-to-lot consistency, precision and reproducibility, sensitivity, and minimization of false positive signals.

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