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Robust Cell Expansion under optimal conditions to ExCellerate™ your discovery and pre-clinical research

With the surge of research leading to potential new therapies emerging every day, the need for serum-free and xeno-free media options for ex vivo culturing has never been greater. In partnership with R&D Systems, we are proud to introduce ExCellerate™ media to provide robust expansion of your cells.

Unlike traditional serum-containing culture media, these xeno-free media provide a stable culture and optimized environment, devoid of non-human animal derived products. Each ExCellerate™ media is optimized to facilitate the generation and expansion of different types of Immune and Stem cells and is compatible with a variety of activation methods including our GMP Cloudz™ T Cell Activation Kit and Cloudz™ Human NK Cell Expansion Kit. 


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ExCellerate™ Human iPSC Cell Expansion Media

Key Benefits:

• Ready-to-use: Complete all-in-one formulation, no growth factor supplementation required
• Animal component-free: Ideal for translational research
• Robust: Superior expansion and maintenance of undifferentiated iPSCs
• Consistent: Reproducible results
• Flexible: Compatible with a variety of matrices and cell lines
• Stable: Maintains cell viability, genotype and differentiation potential over long-term culture

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ExCellerate™ Human NK Cell Expansion Media

Key Benefits:

• Robust NK cell expansion under serum-, feeder-, and xeno-free conditions
• Optimized for use with Cloudz™ Human NK Cell Expansion Kit
• Supports NK cell expansion from PBMCs
• Optimized for use with R&D Systems™ cytokines
• Compatible with a variety of NK cell activation methods

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ExCellerate™ Human T Cell Expansion Media

Key Benefits:

• Robust T cell expansion under serum-free and xenofree conditions
• Optimized for use with the Cloudz™ T Cell Activation Kit
• Compatible with a variety of T cell activation methods
• Supports T cell expansion from PBMCs or purified CD3+ T cells
• Optimized for use with R&D Systems™ growth factors and cytokines

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On-Demand Webinar

Fitting Product to Process: Raw Materials Customization for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

The reliable supply of raw materials is critical for developing successful cell and gene therapies.

This webinar showcases how customization at the raw material level enables cell therapy manufacturers to be confident in the security of their supply, de risk manufacturing processes, and improve their scalability.


Attendees will learn:

• How tailoring raw materials' specifications to fit the process can de risk manufacturing processes and remove unnecessary manual steps
• Why early consideration of custom raw materials expedites development and commercialization
• Considerations for the selection of raw materials prior to clinical manufacturing


John Paul Tomtishen III
Director of Manufacturing, Technical Operations,
Legend Biotech Co. 

Lili Belcastro , PhD
Scientist, Biotherapeutics Material Sciences, Janssen
Pharmaceutical R&D

Raymond Luke
Associate Director, Ms&T , Adaptimmune

Lindsey Clarke, PhD
Global Product Marketing & Commercial Strategy,
Cell & Gene Therapy, Bio Techne

Mitchell Brabec
Commercial Development Specialist, Bio Techne

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