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Customizable Platform To Simplify Cell Processing

Cloudz reagents are microspheres composed of an alginate-based hydrogel. The microspheres are available in multiple sizes and can be functionalized with a variety of ligands including antibodies, proteins, and small molecules. Derivatized Cloudz reagents present solid phase bound ligands to cells to induce receptor crosslinking and intracellular signalling.


  • > 50-fold expansion of T cells from PBMCs in 10 days
  • Dissolvable CD3/CD28 microspheres enable T cell expansion
  • Optimized for use with ExCellerate™ Human T Cell Media
  • Supports T cell expansion from PBMCs or purified CD3+ PBMCs
  • Optimized for use with R&D Systems® GMP cytokines and media

Discover how Cloudz streamline the cell expansion
and/or activation step

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Expansion of Human T Cells using Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit Compared to other suppliers

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Primary human CD3+ cells were activated with GMP Cloudz Human T-Cell Activation Kit or other Supplier’s Activation reagent and cultured for 9 days ExCellerate T Cell Expansion Media (R&D Systems, Catalog # CCM030) with 20 ng/mL IL-2 (R&D Systems, Catalog # 202-GMP). A. Percent Viability was determined on days 5, 7, and 9 of the experiment, and B. Cell counts were performed to determine fold expansion compared to the Day 0 seeding density (0.25 x 106 cells/mL). Expansion of T cells showed comparable results to other suppliers.

Why Expand T Cells ex vivo Using Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit?

T Lymphocytes (T Cells) can be used as a powerful immunotherapy to fight against cancer and other diseases. Cloudz Human T cell Activation Kit allows for a robust expansion platform utilizing dissolvable CD3/28 microspheres that can easily be removed from expanded cells. Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit supports the expansion of human T cell lines or T cell clones and the stimulation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Versatility of Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit

Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kit is optimized for T cell expansion when used in combination with ExCellerate Human T cell Expansion Media, Xeno-Free and cytokines including IL-2, IL-7, and IL-15. The activation and cytokine/growth factor combinations used with this kit should be optimized by application or experimental protocol.

Screening Cloudz

Screening Cloudz enable you to discover the most effective ligands for your particular assay. They’re derivatized with streptavidin which means you have the flexibility to functionalize them with the biotinylated ligand of your choice.

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Custom Cloudz Kits

If you already know which ligands you need to activate or expand your cells, our Custom Services team will work with you to produce a Cloudz kit based on those ligands. We can also custom design ligands such as xeno-free humanized antibodies. When you are ready to take the step to GMP-grade materials, we can deliver that too.


Introducing Tantti UniTantrix: Animal-free, Dissolvable Microcarriers

UniTantrix® Microcarriers are manufactured using Tantti's patented technology, which creates a unique pore structure with very high pore connectivity and surface area. The highly connective and uniform pores allow cells to adhere, proliferate, migrate and differentiate within the microcarrier while simultaneously enabling the exchange of nutrients, oxygen and metabolic waste. It is manufactured with denatured collagen or other animal component-free materials without the use of chemical crosslinkers, which provides a number of advantages including flexible mechanical properties and physical stability, both of which reduce the amount of shear stress experienced by the cultured cells. In addition, the collagen is readily dissolved with enzymes, facilitating a cell recovery rate of nearly 100%.

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