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The Next evolution of biomanufacturing

Univercells Technologies is a global provider of innovative biomanufacturing technologies to achieve cost-effective viral production from R&D to commercial scales. The company offers a comprehensive technology portfolio leveraging the strengths of process intensification and chaining as a direct answer to the growing demand of viral vectors and viral vaccines.

scale-X™ bioreactor

Capture decran 2020 12 04 a 15.35.42The single-use scale-X™ bioreactor portfolio provides enhanced upstream processing of viral products. Featuring a structured and intensified fixed-bed design, scale-X™ bioreactors are chained with in-line product concentration. It offers a linear scalability from the bench to the plant (R&D to commercial), perfectly suited to deliver your viral vaccines and gene therapies.

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NevoLine™ Upstream platform

NevoLine USP Side left CroppedThe NevoLine™ Upstream platform is an innovative biomanufacturing technology that delivers cost-effective viral production, including vaccines, gene therapies and oncolytic viruses. Automated GMP clinical and commercial-scale upstream production is achieved within a 3 m² footprint.

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