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Polyplus-transfection® SA is a biotechnology company that develops and sells innovative solutions for the delivery of nucleic acids in research, bio-production and therapeutics. Located close to the University of Strasbourg in Eastern France, Polyplus-transfection® is ISO 9001-certified since 2002 and supplies its wide range of reagents for the transfection of genes, oligonucleotides and siRNA through a worldwide distributor network.

Polyplus-transfection® reagents are involved in a growing number of clinical trials worldwide. In addition, Polyplus-transfection® holds a broad estate of patents and licenses including original methods for therapeutic siRNA delivery.

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Broad Transfection Product Portfolio

Polyplus have a very broad transfection product portfolio which has been thoroughly validated and optimized in various cell lines and applications.

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Key Products

jetPRIME® - Learn More >
Versatile DNA/siRNA transfection reagent
jetPrime images

  • High DNA transfection efficiency
  • Low amounts of nucleic acid
  • Superior cell viability
  • ONE reagent for DNA and/or siRNA transfections
  • Cost-effective

vivo jetPEI

in vivo-jetPEI® - Learn More >
in vivo nucleic acid delivery
jetpet image

  • Suitable for in vivo delivery of any nucleic acid
  • Proven Track record: over 700 publications
  • Very easy to use: two-step protocol
  • Used for therapeutics and clinical trials worldwide
  • Safe: No inflammatory response triggered
  • Protocols tailored for your application by Polyplus-transfection delivery experts


jetCRISPR™ - Learn More >
RNP transfection reagent for genome editingcrispr images

  • Specifically designed for Cas protein (Cas9, Cpf1) and guide RNA delivery
  • High genome editing efficiency
  • Excellent cell viability and morphology
  • Fast and reliable gene editing
  • Easy to use: Reverse and Forward protocols


jetMESSENGER® - Learn More >
mRNA transfection reagent for hard to transfect cells
messanger image

  • Unmatched transfection efficiency
  • High efficiency on a wide variety of difficult to transfect cells
  • Outperform DNA transfection by switching to mRNA
  • Extremely gentle on cells
  • No risk of genome integration
  • Perfectly suited for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, iPS generation, stem cell differentiation and immunotherapy assays


INTERFERin® - Learn More >
siRNA, miRNA and other oligonucleotides
interferin image

  • Great silencing using as little as 1 nM siRNA
  • Over 90% gene silencing in a wide variety of cells
  • Suitable for transfection miRNA and other oligonucleotides
  • Gentle mode of action for more robust data and excellent cell viability
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics


FectoCHO™ Expression System - Learn More >
Enhanced transient protein production in CHO cells
fectocCHO image

  • Outstanding protein production yields in various CHO cells
  • Fast and effortless CHO cell adaptation
  • Chemically defined kit components
  • Excellent lot to lot reproducibility
  • Cost-effective solution


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