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Expression Systems Cell Culture Media

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Expression Systems insect cell culture media is always in stock and ready to ship.2619 Expression Systems Product Offer

Expression Systems’ well-characterized, high-performing, line of insect cell culture media are recognized as the industry standard for a multitude of applications. Our media formulations support the growth and productivity of most Lepidopteran (Sf9, Sf21, High Five™) and Dipteran (S2) cell lines.

• ESF 921—Protein-free insect cell culture medium

• ESF 921—Delta Series Amino Acid Deficient protein-free insect cell culture medium

• ESF AF—Animal-free insect cell culture medium

• PBA—Production Boost Additive for insect cell culture

Expression Systems offers a complete, animal-free medium formulation for the culture of HEK 293, CHO and hybridoma cell lines.

Designed for use in suspension culture systems, ESF SFM supports robust growth and protein expression.

• ESF SFM Animal-free mammalian cell culture medium

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